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Latest League News Spring 2018


All games at Exhibition Park Diamonds 1,2,3 and 4.

Game times are 6:45 and 8:00 ( No late games)

Cost is $700 per team.

Season from August 14th to Sept 27th.

Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Guarantee 10 games.

Contact Bob Coghill at:

[email protected]


Posted: Jun 16, 2018

Mens and Ladies Playoffs 2018

The dates for the playoffs are July 27,28 and 29th.

Must be prepared to play Friday night . Regular game times.

Double knockouts as usual. All Ladies teams qualify .

Top six teams in Men' division 2,3 and 4

Bottom 4 teams in Men' division 1.

Single knockout final.

Exhibition Park and Ellwood.

Tournament rules .

Time limit in all games except finals.

Posted: May 30, 2018

Recent ASA banned bat list additions

In April 2016, Easton sports decided to voluntarily withdraw their support of the ASA stamp on some of their older model bats. In turn these older model bats have shown up on the banned bat list. Abbotsford slo-pitch will be allowing all of these bats to continue to be used in play. For ease of identification on the ASA banned bats list these bats are donated as "New" under each banned bat. All of those bats with the "New" under them will remain legal for league play.

Posted: Apr 27, 2016

How did Slo-Pitch Start in B.C.?

Find out in our history page. For More Info: League History
Posted: Feb 12, 2012


We have changed the rainout number to handle higher demands on questionable nights. The rainout line will be updated at 5:00pm on days with questionable weather. Phone: 604-851-0109
Posted: Feb 12, 2012

Drinking in the parking lot at all ballparks

Reminder: It is Illegal by law and against the rules of the league to consume alcohol in a public park. The parking lot is no exception to that law/rule. A teams failure to comply with that law/rule risks having their team ejected from the league.
Posted: Feb 12, 2012



Todays Games
Benchwarmers vs Legends
@ 6:30 PM - EX2

Mallard 2.0 vs One Hit Wonders
@ 6:30 PM - EX3

Fury vs Legends
@ 7:50 PM - EX2

Mallard 2.0 vs Chilliwack Predators
@ 7:50 PM - EX3

Strange Brew vs Mitsfits
@ 7:50 PM - EX4

Red Rockets vs Fury
@ 9:10 PM - EX2

Elite vs Chilliwack Predators
@ 9:10 PM - EX3

Expos vs Brew Jays
@ 9:10 PM - EX4

Recent Game Scores
Sugar Mumma's 5
Avengers 17
Krunch 13
Avengers 12
Adrenalin 0
Ballbusters 16
Slammer Chick's 13
Jabog 0
All about the bases 16
Fireballers 11
Finny's 11
Caught Looking 16
Knockouts 22
Chicklets 16
Victorious Secrets 7
Able Cresting Breeze 6
Toxic Cherries 18
Woohoos 3
Lil Pitches 24
Pink Ladeez 11
Jugs 10

Team Schedules
2018 Schedules have been posted to find your team schedule - click here

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