Rain-out Line: 604-851-0109 | E-mail: info@abbotsfordslopitch.com | Season: Spring/Summer 2024


Abbotsford Slo-pitch League Rules


All players on a team must wear Uniforms (shirts) with alike team logo. Shirts are to be same  colour coaches should elaborate what colour is being worn what night. All uniform tops (shirts)must have a number that is no smaller than 4 inches in height and width.

If a player does not have a uniform with the same logo he/she will not be able to play,  have spares.

This will be monitored by umpires and league officials to ensure compliance.

All teams must have matching uniforms by May 2nd. No grace period will be given after this date.  Will result in Coach Suspension and more action onward if not addressed.

SPN Waiver Roster

All players must except the waiver, Coaches are to add players to player pool then to Event roster. Rosters Lock July 15 If a player is not on the teams roster they can not play league or playoffs.
To add players after roster is locked contact President to add those players in order to play, in not doing so will result in loss of game and suspension for coach for neglect. abbotsfordslopitch@gmail.com


Home teams will set up and take down the diamonds starting the season of 2024.
Storage room at Exhibition park holds equipment for Diamond 3 & 4.
Green bin behind Diamond 1 is for diamond 2, these bases belong to Abby MIX league, do not lose or mix up equipment.
an umpire will be at the field early to open all storage/bins.
Home team dragging their feet for 630 start time will lose time at last bats.
Home teams at last game who do not put any equipment back where it came from will result in a 3 strike policy, and will not be allowed to attend Playoffs.
All abbotsford League bases are painted blue underneath (except brander field)

Umpire Abuse

The league will not tolerate any forum of umpire or opposing teammate abuse. Players are subjected to being suspended (see suspension rules) Coaches are also subjected to being suspended for no control their player(s)

Pre-Game Warm-up

Batting practice may be taken on the infield but not in fair territory. Hitters and pitchers must be in foul territory. Hitting must stop while Home teams put out the bases.

Batting practice against a fence is prohibited.

Alcohol Consumption

There is to be no alcohol consumed on the field or in the dugouts at any time during a game. Players violating this rule will be ejected from the game immediately.

Time Allocation

Each game is allotted one hour and twenty minutes to complete. No new inning will begin after one hour and five minutes. There will be a ten-minute grace period for the 6:30pm games only. Last inning must be called by the umpire at the start of a new inning.

Mercy Rule

The mercy rule will be the same as SPN mercy rule of 12 or more runs.


Winners of games are credited with two points, ties are credited with one point. Teams tied after seven innings will continue, if there is still time remaining, using the SPN International Tiebreaker Rule.

Umpires will submit the results of each game to the designated statistician.

Rules of Play

The league recognizes the 2024 SPN rulebook as it official rules with the exception of any rules specifically outlined in this manual. Some notable exceptions are as follows:

  •  Men’s/Women’s:  teams no longer need to bat everybody. Teams will present a line up card to the umpire before the game with any substitutions listed.
  • Defensive substitutions can be made at any time during the game as long as the players are in the starting line-up.
  • The league supplies one new ball and two used balls and the umpires for each game. Teams are responsible to retrieve balls hit out of play and supply more balls if needed.
  • There will be no metal cleats or exposed metal on footwear worn by players. Automatic ejection applies to anyone in violation.
  • Courtesy runners will be to a maximum of three per game for the Men’s and Women’s Divisions. A person may only run once as courtesy runner throughout the course of a game in all divisions.* Any Masters team playing in a Men’s division will get 5 courtesy runners.
  • A team will legally be allowed to start a game with nine players from the official start time of the game. If a team starts a game with only nine players they are eligible to add a tenth player during play as long as they have not batted through the lineup.
    *Exception for ladies teams only* – teams have the option to take the automatic out until their 10th player arrives that player can then be inserted into the line up at any time. An automatic out will NOT be recorded where the last player in the batting order would have batted.
  • *Exception for ladies teams only* ladies can pick up 1 or 2 players in same div ONLY to make 10 players, so a forfeit isn’t established. A div player can not play in C div or verse vice.
  • Any team may start the game with however many players they want to bat. For example: a Team might bat 13 players and if that team loses a player due to an injury that players spot on the line up will be scratched for the remainder of the game. The player that was removed is ineligible to re-enter the game. The player’s position in the order is not recorded as an automatic out for the balance of the game. If a player is ejected from a game this rule does not apply. Their spot would be recorded as an auto out for the remainder of the game. A team that has 10 players to start a game and loses a player due to injury will be allowed to finish the game with 9 players and the injured spot is not recorded as an out. If the 10th player is ejected from the game the team may not continue with 9 players. The result would be a forfeit loss.
  • Homerun rules for each division is as follows:
  • Division 1 mens and ladies: 3 Homeruns total per team
  • Division 2 mens and ladies 3 Homeruns total per team
  • Division 3 and 4 mens and ladies 2 Homeruns total per team
  • *There is no match Homerun rule anymore*
  • 2024 all Teams will be at 3 home runs per game
  •  The league has adopted a “walk off” homerun rule. The player does not have to run the bases when he/she hits a homerun out of the park. 
  • If a player is ejected from a game and his/her team still has 10 or more players his/her position in the batting order will be recorded as an automatic out for the remainder of the game. If a player is ejected and the team has less then 10 players that team will forfeit.
  • All divisions of both Men and Ladies will use the scoring line. There is no live plate. The catcher may stand anywhere on the strike mat when there is a play at home.
  • All Mens and Ladies divisions will use a 6 run maximum per inning format.  The inning that the umpire declares is the LAST will be an open inning.
  •  Abbotsford slo pitch will follow the SPN recommendation that all safety equipment may be worn on the field both offensively and defensively. Pitchers face mask, Batting helmets, Shin guards etc. are highly recommended.

Umpire Concerns

Any comments concerning umpires conduct or actions should be forwarded to Colin Ashton abbyumpires@gmail.com

Ejection and Suspensions

Any player ejected from a game by an umpire will result in an automatic suspension from the next scheduled game, to which there is no appeal. If a player is ejected from two (2) games during a season he/she will be automatically suspended for the next five (5) scheduled games, to which there is no appeal. A further ejection will result in a player review by the suspension committee. The suspension committee will review each and every ejection to determine if a further suspension is warranted.

Any player ejected from a game for excess verbal or any physical abuse of an umpire will receive a minimum five (5) game suspension.  The player may appeal the suspension to the league executive.  The player is suspended from their next scheduled game even if he/she appeals the suspension.

Protest Procedure

At the time of the incident, notify the umpire and opposing coach that the game is now under protest at that specific point in the game. Indicate this on the score sheets.

A written submission outlining the specifics of the protest must be delivered to the league president within 24 hours of the protest. Included in the written protest must be the description of the incident and what rule(s) your protest is based upon. A $150 bond must accompany your written submission, which will be returned if you win your protest.

Within 72 hours of receiving the protest, the committee will meet with all parties and determine the outcome of the protest. All decisions by the committee will be final and kept on record by the league. Protests can be emailed to abbotsfordslopitch@gmail.com


For the 2024 season:  All Men’s will qualify for the year end playoffs. All ladies teams qualify for the year end playoffs, ladies 3 game round robin single KO.
 Highest ranked team will have choice of home or away throughout the entire playoffs. The final rankings when teams are tied in a division will be decided by the following:

a) Win-loss record. ( Whatever team has the most wins)
b) If necessary, win-loss record between tied teams (if all tied teams have played each other equally).
NOTE: If one team has defeated all the other tied teams, that team will automatically be placed
highest of the tied teams. If one team has been defeated by all the other teams, that team will be
placed lowest of the tied teams.
c) If all tied teams have not played each other equally OR two teams are tied total plus-minus for the season determines finish.
d) If necessary, plus-minus record between tied teams (if all teams have played each other equally).
e) If necessary, total runs scored.
f) If necessary, total runs allowed.
g) If still tied, flip a coin.