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Abbotsford Slo-Pitch League Policy Manual

Mission Statement To develop and promote the game of slo-pitch within Abbotsford to best meet the needs of the greatest number of participants. The Purpose The purposes of the Abbotsford Slo-Pitch League (ASL) are:

  • to encourage and foster participation in the game of slo-pitch
  • to exercise a general care, supervision and direction of teams and players who affiliate with the organization on an annual basis
  • to act as an organizational body for slo-pitch tournaments throughout the Abbotsford region
  • to maintain and promote participation in the game of slo-pitch at a nation wide level through affiliation with Slo-Pitch National Inc.

Position Statement The ASL policy manual has been created to ensure that there is consistent understanding of policies and practices. While policy and regulation will not and should not address every situation, the guidelines herein should serve to clarify the position of the ASL, and thus provide guidance and clarification for all participants in sanctioned events. The policies found in this manual represent the practices that will be applied to sanctioned league events throughout Abbotsford.

Executive Committee Each member of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to one (1) vote in matters that come before the committee.  The Executive Committee will serve to facilitate, promote and sanction those activities deemed to be in the best interests of the ASL.

Membership In order to be a member in good standing a player and team must be registered with Slo-Pitch National and have paid all necessary dues or fees for the current playing year. For the purposes of membership, a player who is registered on a team in good standing is considered to be a member in good standing. Every member shall abide by the procedures, policies, rules and regulations as established by the ASL. A member may be suspended or expelled for wilful violation of the procedures, policies, rules and regulations determined by the Disciplinary Committee.

Membership Categories Players are registered on individual teams in one of the following programs:

  • Women’s
  • Men’s
  • Masters

A player may register in Masters and Mens/Womens.   For the purposes of ranking, the Executive Committee will assess teams on the following criteria:

  • individual player ability
  • team offence capability
  • team defence
  • the won-lost record from the previous year

If a team finishes first or second in their division they will be moved up one division for the next season. If a team finishes in the bottom two positions in their division they will be moved down one division for the next season. A team may appeal their re-classification to the Executive Committee.

Registration The playing year shall run from April 1 of one calendar year to March 31 of the following calendar year. All teams must have their completed rosters and registration fees submitted no later than the March registration meeting. Teams not in compliance are not insured by SPN and may lose their position in the league. Teams may add players to their rosters up to and including Monday of the May long weekend of each calendar year. Additions must be emailed to abbotsfordslopitch@gmail.com Players not on a team roster are ineligible to play and are not insured by SPN.

Performance Bond All teams must submit a $100 performance bond to the league when registering. Failure to meet league requirements will result in a reduction of a teams performance bond. 1) Forfeiting a game results in a $50 reduction to a teams performance bond. 2) Uniform infraction, as outlined in the Rules Policy, results in a $50 reduction per infraction. 3) Players consuming alcohol outside of a designated beer garden will automatically lose their teams entire performance bond. Teams must repay their bond prior to the playoff tournament to be eligible for the tournament. Repayment of the performance bond will be in the amount of $200 for the first loss of bond and $300 for any further losses of said bond. Teams forfeiting more than three (3) games in one season will be ejected from the league.

Schedules Teams must secure their position in the league with a $150 deposit payable at the AGM to enable the schedule to be completed. Teams vacating their position after the AGM will forfeit their $150 deposit. Schedules will be released no later than one week following the Registration Meeting in March of each calendar year. The schedule will be posted on the website for participants to view.

League Standings Men’s divisions:The team finishing first at the end of league play will have $500 of the following years league fees waived as an achievement award. This applies to Men’s and Masters Divisions only. Women’s divisions: The team finishing first at the end of league play will have $250 of the following years league fees waived as an achievement award. This applies to all 4 ladies divisions. The teams must have at least eight returning players the following year to qualify for the award. There is no cash value for this award therefore it cannot be traded or sold to another team.

Playoff Tournament The league recognizes the SPN Tournament Rulebook as its official rules for the playoff tournament. Team qualification will be, Men’s Divisions1, 2,3,4  TBD each year based on participation from league play for playoffs.  2) Women’s Divisions 1,2,3,4 qualifies all teams from league play. Hosting Teams are responsible for dragging/raking fields, managing beer gardens, garbage disposal, watering fields, and maintaining draw boards. Teams wanting to host this tournament must apply in writing no later than the Annual General Meeting in January of each year. The awards for the playoff tournament will be determined by the league executive. There will be maximum 14 awards per team.

Tournaments Any and all tournaments that are affiliated or associated with the league must have qualified and carded umpires officiating the games. If a beer garden permit has been issued the hosting team must have qualified personnel with the appropriate licenses managing the beer gardens. The ASL assumes no responsibility for injuries or damages caused by equipment that is owned by the league but is used for tournaments. If you have concerns about equipment safety please contact the league president. All tournament applications must be submitted to the ASL. This is to insure park availability and beer garden approval with the City of Abbotsford.

Equipment The league will be appointing a Technology Standards Committee to monitor and maintain the integrity of the game of slo-pitch in Abbotsford. ASL recognizes both the ASA 2004 stamp bats and the USSSA 2019 stamp bats in it’s guideline for approved equipment. The ASL reserves the right to evaluate and ban all equipment that they deem as unsafe or detrimental to the game of Slo-Pitch.

Injuries Any player injured in a league game must contact the league president within 24 hours of the sustaining the injury. Failure to notify the above noted contact may effect the status of your claim with the insurance company.

Annual General Meeting The meeting will be held in January of each year. Each team, in good standing, is allowed to have two members attend the meeting and register one vote for the team on each issue.